Huntley Home Makes Switch to Air Source Heat Pump

We’re delighted to have successfully converted another domestic home away from oil and onto a new Air Source Heat Pump.  Having completed our initial survey and discussions with the customers GSM undertook the installation using our own plumbers and electricians to ensure a smooth transition.

The customers will now benefit from the unique heating an hot water that Air Source Heat Pumps provide, along with using state of art NEST controls. As an added bonus they will received their investment back via the unique Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, as well as making further savings in not having to purchase oil anymore. As the customers already have Solar Panels installed they will be able to utilise more of their electricity production to help power their new Air Source Heat Pump.

The house is a large and expansive three storey family home with demands for heating and hot water to satisfy a growing family.

If you are currently on oil or LPG for your heating and hot water now is the right time to talk to us and start the process to finding out more information.

Please call Paul O’Connor on 01531 – 828 782 and he will be glad to help you gain more information and understanding about how you can benefit, not just financially but also in terms of improving your home heating.






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