New Home in Newent Benefits from Air Source Heat Pump

GSM Limited are one of the UK’s most prolific installers of Air Source Heat Pumps and we’re delighted to have been chosen to install another Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump in this brand new home in Newent, Gloucestershire.

Providing environmentally friendly heating and hot water to the home, the Air Source Heat Pump also benefits the homeowners via the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI), which allows them to receive payments back over 7 years to help with their installation costs, making it cheaper to install than a conventional oil boiler. Plus there is no need for an internal boiler system, an oil tank or waiting for oil deliveries or speculating on rising oil prices.

Great heating and hot water for this fine new home provided by GSM Limited, Newent , Gloucestershire.

If you’re oil boiler is on it’s last legs or you simply want a more efficient and cleaner approach to heating your home, call GSM Limited on 01531 – 828 782, ask for Paul O’Connor and start finding out how you can benefit.


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