Solar Panels and Air Source Heat Pump for Newent Home

We always love to be involved in interesting projects and this one for a refurbished home in Newent was a pleasure to solve their future heating and electric supply to make the home more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Working on bespoke projects like this one, involved a great deal of time to develop whilst other building works continue around the property and we feel we have the right levels of flexibility and drive to ensure we are always on hand when the customer needed us.

Because we have this flexibility and patience, it means that we are more keen on the end result rather than topping up sales targets. So are we different? Most definitely Yes:  we work individually and design solutions to suit your needs not our targets.

Working with us means a whole new experience without the hassle...with us on your side.

Working with us means a whole new experience without the hassle…with us on your side.

Why not find out more, we love to chat about what you need and inform you more, you can then make the decision either way based on the full facts.

Call Paul O’Connor on 01531 – 828 782


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