Solar Panels for New Out Building In Chepstow

The misconception that Solar Panels become overly visible is outdated in this day and age as the technology moves on so much quicker than rumours. We’re delighted with this recent installation of 12 300w LG Panels on a new outbuilding for our customers in Chepstow.

The general appearance of the Solar Panels was a key factor for the customers as the outbuilding is new and needed to fit in with the design and surroundings. All our quotations are bespoke driven for the customers and we take time to ensure we get it spot on and in this example you can clearly see how they match the roof and become less visible to the eye.

Have a look at the case studies and the installations we have completed. Interestingly 99% of our work comes through word of mouth recommendations. For more information please call Paul O’Connor on 01531 – 828 782 or why not pop into our offices for a chat to find out how you can become more energy self-sufficient?


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