Lo Pro 10

The biggest challenge to installing underfloor heating to an existing property is often height build-up. In response, Nu-Heat have now developed LoPro10™, a floating floor with just 15mm height build up and excellent thermal properties that can be fitted on top of the existing floor deck.

Nu-Heat’s LoPro10™ retrofit UFH system has been designed as an alternative method of heating existing domestic properties. Homes built within the last 20 years and those that have undergone fairly standard insulation upgrades can now benefit from all the advantages of underfloor heating usually reserved for new-build.

LoPro10™ provides a practical, economical alternative to a traditional radiator-based system and is designed for use with heat pumps. A LoPro10™ system typically requires a flow temperature of 45˚C–55˚C – much lower than a typical radiator system which would have a flow temperature of 70˚C– 80˚C and complementing the performance characteristics of heat pumps or condensing boilers perfectly.

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