Battery Storage Systems – Exciting Developments are on their way!

What is Self Consumption?

If you own or plan to install a Solar Panel system self-consumption means that you use the electricity your Solar system generates. The great news is that Solar Panel systems are continuing to drop in price and the Solar Panel technology is consistently improving meaning that installing a Solar Panel system becomes more and more attractive to you as well as providing you with a direct route to electricity self-sufficiency and reducing your energy costs. Importantly you become much more eco-friendly.

Why do I need Battery Storage?

During the day solar energy is plentiful but less so in the mornings and evenings when most average households need electricity. Battery storage solves the supply and demand of electricity that your home needs. The excess electricity is stored in your batteries for when your home and family need it. This will stop the electricity being exported back to the grid at a lower price than you would have had to pay when calling electricity from the National Grid.

How You Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

The price you are paid for the excess electricity your solar generates is lower than the price you pay for the electricity your home calls from the National Grid. This means it becomes more cost effective to use the electricity your Solar Panel system generates than to sell it back to your assigned Feed-in-Tariff provider (Electricity Company). Battery storage can store the excess power you generate for when you actually need it and for a lower rate than the electricity suppliers sell it to you for.

Energy Security

Now with the use of batteries you can be on your way to becoming self-sustainable. Batteries allow the electricity from your Solar Panel system to still be used. Opportunities to use the stored electricity during power cuts are also now in development, making the energy even more accessible.

What about the Feed-in-Tariff?

The use of battery storage does not affect your Feed-in-Tariff. You are still paid for 100% of the electricity you produce as well as the extra 50% you’re paid for at the export rate. So you can use and store all of your electricity and still get paid for all of it, this means that you can save a lot more on your electricity bills!

When Can I Get Battery Storage?

GSM are involved in securing quality battery storage technology and if you would like more information please contact Paul O’Connor on 01531 – 828 782 to register your interest.

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Battery Storage Systems are here!