Solar Panel Feed-in-Tariff Government Planned Cuts – An Update

The government has announced their plans for the amending of the Solar Panel Feed-in-Tariffs and despite over 50,000 replies to their consultation have moved ahead with the cuts albeit at a slightly lower level than first dramatically proposed.

Full information of their findings can be read here:

Whilst the news is positive in some respect, the lack of support for renewable energy from the government on the back of the recent Climate Change Agreement is disappointing.

Here are the proposed rates that the government originally put forward (Consultation Tariffs) and the planned rates which will come into effect from 8th February 2016.

Tariffs (p/kWh) Installed Capacity Consultation Tariffs New Tariffs (January 2016
Solar Panels <10kW

10 to 50kW

50 to 250kW

250 – 1,000kW

Up to 1,000kW

Stand Alone













GSM Limited sees our industry developing further and with this news it is a key driver for manufacturers to develop new and exciting products such as battery storage. The main desire of domestic and commercial customers is look at becoming more energy efficient and energy self-sufficient. There remains a great opportunity now and into the future for customers to achieve this and GSM is well equipped with knowledge and experience to advise you of all of your options.

At this moment in time there still remains a small window of opportunity to gain from the current Feed-in-Tariff rates that apply until the 14th January 2016.

For example the current Feed-in-Tariff rate for a domestic 4kW Solar Panel installation from 1st January 2016 will be 12.03 p/kWh for those with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating level “D” or above. We are able to help with customers who may have felt they missed an opportunity or are only just aware of the potential changes due in February 2016.

If you would like to discuss how you can improve your self-sufficiency, save money on your bills and gain a return on your investment, don’t panic just call Paul O’Connor on 01531 – 828 782 and he will be happy to assist.

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