Tesla Powerwall 2 – 2017 Launch

Tesla Powerwall 2 will be officially launched in 2017 and for those customers that are interested the highlights of the new Powerwall 2 are as follows:

Powerwall 2 Highlights

  • Install indoors or outdoors Wall and Floor Mounted
  • Double the capacity of Powerwall 1 using 40% less volume, sleek, compact and powerful
  • DC Powerwall Compatible with SolarEdge, SMA and now Fronius 3PH
  • AC Powerwall with integrated Tesla inverter
  • LED Indicator for Powerwall Status
  • Wiring from the Side or the Rear, making installation easier than ever
  • Scalable up to 9 Powerwalls giving a huge 120 KWh
  • Stackable 3 deep. This gives you 40 KWh of energy from a depth of around 45CM.
  • Market Leading Warranty, 80% retention after 10 years with unlimited cycles

Powerwall 2 DC stock will be arriving beginning of February with Powerwall 2 AC following a couple of weeks later.

If you would like to receive more information please email us at enquiries@gsmlimited.com


Tesla announces the launch of the Powerwall 2 - Coming in February 2017

Tesla announces the launch of the Powerwall 2 – Coming in February 2017

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